17 thoughts on “What is something that it is good to be average at?”

  1. Your job (if you’re working a crappy job).

    If you are too good they’ll give you additional responsibilities. If you’re too bad they’ll find someone new.

  2. Part time associate

    If they know your actually good they will azz ride you to always work longer and pretend ur full time but cut u at 39 hours.

  3. Dick size.

    I always tell people that Big Dick Energy is bullshit; if you really think about it, in terms of the number of potential partners, big dick problems and small dick problems are basically the same thing. Stray too far off the great dick bell curve in either direction, and you’re in for pain and awkwardness and no-fun-land.

    But those of us blessed with delightfully dull dong dimensions can sit comfortably atop that bell curve and proudly survey the vast tracts of compatible poontang below. We are the true gods among men, for we all know deep down that with a little liquid courage — and occasional bit of elbow grease — we can fuck **anybody**.

  4. Video games.

    -Sucking at games isn’t fun

    -Being too good at them to the point where you can speedrun them or spend a 3 hour Youtube video elaborately explaining all of the game’s mechanics and lore? That dries up pussy.

    Best to just be okay at them, just enough that you can casually enjoy them without costing you the ability to get laid.


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