6 thoughts on “People who whitened their teeth, what actually worked for you?”

  1. First of all your teeth don’t have to be paper white. However, if you’re like me and had borderline orange teeth, and it’s an insecurity, here is what I did that worked (without spending thousands of dollars or feeling insane pain).

    For maintaining…

    #1 Brushing teeth 30 mins after having breakfast and coffee. Not sooner than 30 minutes because remaining particles + brushing can lead to abrasion.

    #2 Letting the fluoride from toothpaste sit on teeth after brushing without completely rinsing.

    #3 Never go to sleep without brushing teeth, especially after wine, curry & such.

    For initial whitening (if like me you have years worth of stains from coffee)…

    #1 Used the Mint teeth whitening kit (brand is called Mint) which uses gel pens and blue and red light therapy.

    #2 Switched to advanced whitening toothpaste from Sensodyne for a month when I first started.

    Good luck! Personally I know it’s a big insecurity but I also don’t want anyone to think they have to alter themselves to be loved or something. Teeth aren’t naturally paper white so keep that in mind. I did it for my own reasons.


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