22 thoughts on “Is Cannabis use safer than Alcohol? Why or why not?”

  1. All signs I’m aware of point to very much so, yes.

    Alcohol use beyond a negligible amount increases risks of all sorts of health conditions, in addition to recklessness and impulse control issues.

  2. Big time. It’s been scientifically proven that alcohol consumption negatively impacts basically all organs as it dehydrates you. Aside of potential memory loss, cannabis doesn’t have many negative physical side effects. Obviously inhaling any kind of smoke (or anything other than oxygen) is not great for the lungs, so edibles are safer. But if you take too many high grade edibles you will definitely be impaired

  3. Yes, of course it is. Alcohol is a poison and is incredibly destructive, both in health and social ways. In 2020 there were 11,654 people killed in alcohol-impaired- driving crashes. Every year in America, about 88,000 people die of alcohol-related causes. Alcohol is almost always a factor in domestic abuse cases.

    Cannabis can be abused as well but the health and social ramifications are much less across the board. Cannabis overdosing has never been documented and rarely is it the cause of violence (drug war-related violence not being considered).

    Full disclosure: while I may sound very down on alcohol, I have spent most of my 25 years of working in the service industry. I also owned a pub. I’ve kept myself afloat in society by selling this poison to the public. I think alcohol does have its benefits, mostly in social contexts, but if anyone – literally anyone – tries to tell you herb is as dangerous as booze, be very wary of them: they’re either a moron or someone who benefits in some way by having that absurd, and incorrect, stance.

  4. They have different sets of risks.
    Of the two, alcohol is generally worse for you, but cannabis (especially smoking it) is not completely harmless. If you do either, moderation is key.

  5. As someone who has abused both…

    yes absolutely. In basically every way.

    The only thing more dangerous about cannabis is the process of getting it, and from the police for having it.

  6. Oh absolutely. I’ve been addicted to both and cannabis addiction is way less detrimental to your life. Like alcohol destroys lives. Cannabis addiction just kind of limits you. And it varies a lot from person to person. Like I consider cannabis addiction only marginally worse than caffeine addiction. Alcoholism on the other hand is just as destructive as being addicted to something like opioids or coke.

  7. Safer as a drunk is definitely more dangerous than a stoned person. That said it certainly comes with it’s own potential to effect a person’s mental health

  8. Alcohol increases aggressive tenancies and over-confidence. weed does the opposite. If i had to choose, i would rather my children in a room full of stoners, than a room full of piss heads.

  9. Not sure. It has less addictive elements and usually the use of it isn’t so damaging, it even may relieve pain, however, if the THC is high it definitely is damaging and with certain medicines and disabilities it reacts really nasty.

  10. LD50 for alcohol is roughly 15 shots in an hour for a 200lb guy.

    LD50 for Marijuana is roughly 1500 POUNDS of marijuana consumed in 15 minutes for a 200lb guy.

    LD50 = Level for death in 50% of test subjects

    Alcohol LD50 is not all that hard to accomplish, I’m not sure the marijuana one is even physically doable in plant form. You’d have to refine THC out of the plant into an oil or something and then drink lots of it. You’d probably die from sodium imbalance or some shit before the THC actually got you.


    This is before we get into any second order effects and these are both psychoactive drugs, there’s going to be lots of second-third-fourth order effects.

  11. It depends.

    If it came from a dealer – 95% nope.

    If it came from certified source in legal ways – yes.

    We live in a times where lacing drugs with fentanyl / synthetic spices is pretty common thing. Most unaware users are chasing high thinking its safe, when its not safe anymore for almost 5-10 years depending on where do You live. Dealers started noticing that more power get them more consumers that are more hooked so they are one way or another forced to add something into plants they sell. Vice did a series of documents about it (yt : vice laced weed), but thats not a thing I’ve learned from the internet. I am ex addict since 2015 and I can tell You that this was a HUGE problem when I was using drugs, it can be only worse now. You can tell no difference in taste nor smell but weed those days is certainly not the same weed I used to smoke 15 years ago. On average getting synthetic cannaboids from china market is both easy to get & cheap AF. Most of todays weed sellers are mixxing legal CBD plant (no high) with things like AM2201 or other synth drugs because its cheaper, safer (for them) and better money maker than any grown or smuggled weed. Also – its extremely dangerous because no one is really sure about what these chemicals actually do, whats lethal dose and how they affect users in long terms since no tests are required before RC flows the market.

    Most of unaware users will probably downvote me, but believe me – I saw entire process on my very eyes. And its not complicated at all. Amount of people not knowing that is simply astonishing.

  12. Cannabis worsens mental problems/illnesses you have or might have – alcohol messes you up too of course

    In the long run, the only up is that from what I know, cannabis won’t kill you directly like alcohol addiction will, but the life you get out of it won’t be pleasureable.

    So yeah – alcohol is safer, but only if you keep it down on appropriate levels aka don’t make it a regular part of your life

  13. They both have short term and long term risks and there’s an addiction risk with both. Based on nothing more than my gut feeling I’d say cannabis is less likely to be damaging to your health in all of those scenarios.


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