37 thoughts on “Current and former pizza delivery folks, what’s “that house” you’ll never forget delivering to?”

  1. I was 19f and quite small. Delivered to a guy, he asked me what I would do if he pulled me in his house and raped me. Said I couldn’t stop him and he could do whatever he wanted.

    I said I’d murder him if he tried and I left. He called the store and tried to have me fired for making death threats.

  2. The rich side of town. Ordered 25 large pizzas. Tried to shortchange me at the door by $50, saying that they and the owner had an agreement. Never happened. Still no tip and they wanted me to serve the pizza too.

    Fuck you.

  3. I delivered to a trailer in a sketchy part of town known for residents that use meth. No one wanted to take the delivery because it was late, and the people in that neighborhood usually didn’t tip, were hard to locate, etc. But idc so I went. The guy I delivered to tipped me $100. Then he ordered again the next day, and I went again. $100. Ordered again on Sunday, once again $100. I told him if he asked for me, I’d always bring him extra sauce, napkins, whatever. So from there out he’d ask for me. His tips were extremely generous so much so that he apologized for tipping me $40 once. I also took him free food a couple of times. My boss thought I was maybe dealing meth and I had my car searched by police like 7 times but… the guy was super friendly and always tipped well so I didn’t care what they thought was going on.

  4. There was this old man Tony who I used to deliver to and he would usually only call when he needed help with something. I would do small jobs for him like carry something heavy up from the basement. He was like 93. If he called and I wasnt working, he’d say nevermind and not get any food.

  5. Get to the house, semi parked in the driveway. I ring the bell, door opens and I’m greeted by a pair of saggy breasts. Lady had her bathrobe off her shoulders, for shock I guess. I was 19 I think, and inexperienced so I simply looked away and stuttered my way through it.

  6. A guy in an apartment complex across the street from the place I worked at ordered a 2 litre of sprite for delivery.it cost them like $10 to get a single 2L when they could’ve either come across the street to pick it up for $4 or gone a little down the street to a grocery store to get it for $2 or less.

  7. We had one regular who, every Thursday night, would put in an order for wings. A really straightforward delivery, but out of the way enough that we rarely had to double up deliveries. Turned out this guy was a disabled vet who worked with EODs or something and had his noggin rattled one too many times by explosives. He was a really genuine and sweet dude though, and had a beautiful German Shepard service dog that was his from overseas.
    He would always invite whoever delivered his wings to come take a few dabs with him, and while I would usually decline because I don’t like the idea of driving stoned, I would hang out for a bit and talk whenever I was sent his way.
    One night though, when I came by to drop off his food, he answered the door in a really morose mood, and I noticed his place was suspiciously quiet. It turned out that earlier that week his dog passed away from cancer and he was having a hard time coping. So here I am, not even old enough to drink, doing my best to comfort a teary-eyed bro who has seen some stuff that I couldn’t even imagine. I embraced that dude and comped his meal, and spent some time to listen to him.
    Funny enough, he still asked me to do dabs with him, and I felt bad turning him down. Wherever he is, I hope he’s doing well.

  8. I showed up to the house with ~$30 with of pizza and sides, rang and knocked, and eventually heard an older-sounding man shout “SOMEONE GET THE FUCKING PIZZA!” A few minutes pass, and the door opens to a kid, no more than five or six, in just his underwear, looking confused and holding a handful of cash. I got a real bad feeling from the whole situation, so I took the money, handed over the food, went back to my car, and called the non-emergency police number as soon as i was out of sight of the house. I never heard anything afterward, so I can only hope everything turned out for the best.

  9. I delivered a lot to an elderly woman with dementia. I’d help her open up jars, load her washer, and reach stuff up high etc. The last time I delivered she answered the door with her breasts out. I found out who her daughter was and called her and told her that mom needed a home health aid or to go live with her. She didnt realize how bad off she was getting and they came and moved her into their home the next week.

  10. I used to deliver for a local pizza joint in a small city. The place was right by the water, and occasionally people would call in deliveries to their boats moored at the docks. Anything within walking distance meant no delivery fee.

    This one crusty old man lived on his boat and would order the same thing once or twice a week. Nothing particularly interesting happened, he was just very pleasant and always tipped me a few bucks. And it was nice to get some fresh air rather than sitting in my car all day.

  11. Had a 18 year old delivery girl.

    Guy called up, I was managing and was the only one who could currently go, so I went.

    Assisted living facility, standing in his screen door with his dingledangle out and rubbing it.

    He put it away fast as fuck when I walked up.

  12. I delivered to this one kid who left his bong on the table when he answered the door, and like I don’t care but he freaked out so much that I saw it that I will always remember it.

  13. 114 lively. absolutely a shit shack and he neglects his animals SEVERELY. (never tips but the least of my concern) he’s very unstable/ on drugs. last time i delivered to him i saw a tabby colored mass amongst the endless trash on his porch/yard. IT WAS A CAT WITH ITS HEAD STUCK IN A DORITOS BAG. SPICY FUCKING DORITOS. i freed him and sadly can’t take him(allergic to cat) i called animal control to report abuse and they said “did it have food and water” and my dumbass said yes so they couldn’t do anything about it.

    also the time i got flashed by an obese filthy naked woman bc she couldn’t get off the couch to hand me her money that she pulled from under her thigh 😅 saw that whole coochie

  14. Nothing nuts but I would invite like 3 freinds to ride with me and bring extra work shirts and have them deliver the pizza to the door.. I made sure they kept the tips

  15. Wasn’t pizza delivery, but selling for a school fundraiser when I was teen.

    The one-story house was on the edge of a marsh, and had maybe two rooms: a kitchen and a room used as a bedroom, that just had bedding on the floor without beds. I don’t remember seeing a bathroom. That family had like 5 kids.

    It’s heartbreaking to think about now. I don’t remember their names, but I hope the kids turned out okay.

  16. The shitty apartments on Beeler St. It seemed like whenever I went there, I was offered non-money things for tips (weed, coke, alcohol, sex, pills, etc.).

    I was an 18-year-old girl. I did no drugs, and getting penised by a dirtbag in the worst apartments in town does not exactly make my trip worthwhile.

    Luckily, most would tip cash when I said “I like a good time as much as you do, man, but I gotta pay rent.”

    The guys who offered sex were the exception. I got the door slammed in my face once and walked away mid-tirade another time.

  17. The other way around, I will never forget the delivery lady from my favorite pizza shop that would always come to the 4th floor with her high heels and cute dresses. She was also super blonde and kinda had a hooker feeling to her and I mean that with all respect possible because it just seems that was the look she was going for and felt comfortable with lol.

  18. There was a massive mansion in a subdivision that was just BARELY inside of our delivery range. Every time I pulled up, their terrifying dog would be running around in the front yard, and he would chase my car up the whole street, barking viciously the entire time. I would have to drive extra slow, terrified that this beast was going to dive in front of my tires.

    Then, when I would get to the house, he would stand outside of my door barking, and he’d jump up on me when I got out of the car, nearly knocking me (and the pizzas) over every time.

    He would chase me up the long driveway, jumping and barking, all the way to the front door. Then, they would take upwards of ten minutes to get to the door every time.

    Then the dog would chase my car up the street when I drove away, usually in the dark with poor visibility.

    Every time, I would ask them to bring the dog inside when they order pizza. I told them that his barking made me uncomfortable, and that I was scared that I was gonna run him over.

    >Nah, we’ll keep leaving him out.

    Okay. I guess when your dog gets splattered under the wheel of my 07 Impala, we both know whose fault it really is.

    Worst part was that after all of that, they only tipped $2.

  19. Worked at dominoes briefly during the summer while I was in college. One house I remembered was a pretty normal looking house in a decent area. Guy opened the door and the stank of weed was very prevalent. He also tipped with like 10 ones so at the time I though he was a dealer lol.

    Other one I remember was when it was pouring outside. It was near the back of a trailer home like complex. Really pretty lady and her dog came to the door. She also tipped like $20 so that was nice.

  20. I used to be a door to door fundraiser and in a nice neighborhood, a guy opens the door with no shirt on holding a shotgun. Definitely a cracker crackhead… He thought I was the sheriff or something. Felt lucky I didn’t get shot

  21. I was tipped with tits.

    Three girls opened the door. They asked. I said sure.

    Straight out of porn.

    50/50 they were underaged after the ones mom walked up and said are you guys really showing your tits to the pizza guy tee hee.

  22. A shooting gallery on Polk Street in San Francisco, circa 1977.
    I have three pizzas and a sixer. I buzz the door, and walk up a flight of dingy stairs to an open door of a crash pad, with junkies as far as the eye can see. Guy hands me a credit card I know is stolen (the boss had warned us about this card a week earlier, from a different address).

    I pocketed the card, knowing they would do nothing except possibly assault me (I’m large and healthy-looking, compared to these junkies anyway) and let them know the cops on the corner were getting these pizzas…and I’m taking the beer.

    Of course, there were no cops on the corner.

  23. Former delivery boy here. My very first delivery was to an apartment building. It’s my first day, company never gave me a “float” to give change, and never gave me a uniform… customer orders a pizza I go deliver. Had to call her multiple times because she never gave an apartment number. I call her get the number she hangs up immediately, get to the lobby she didn’t get me her buzz code, I call her back to get the buzz code. She gives it to me and hangs up immediately again… cool no problem.
    I get to her apartment, knock on the door, shes pregnant as hell. Tell her the oder comes to $18 or something like that. She hands me a 50, I have no change (panic sets in) she’s already clearly annoyed with me even though she didn’t give all the info I needed… I tell her I have no change as it’s my first day.. she makes a rude comment about “that explains why your not in uniform rookie” slams door in my face without another word.
    I contemplate leaving with the 50 but I don’t. She comes back to the door give me a $20 bill, I explain I still don’t have change. “Keep the $2 tip cuz its your first day and you suck!” Slams door in my face… I’ll never forget that bitch.

  24. Delivered to this one trailer, had like 4 steps up to the door. I can still knock on the door without going up the steps. Now when they open the door, my face is at shin level, you know, below the knees. When they open the door, I get hit in the face by the weed smoke that ROLLS out. Remember, I’m at shin level, think about that.
    Then there’s another time, I’m delivering to an apartment and as I knock they shout to come in. Open the door, dude is banging his girl right there on the couch, he looks over and says money is on the table. NEVER stops.
    That’s just two instances, lol, I have a LOT more.

  25. Lyle Zeller in Oceanview neighborhood of Anchorage, AK. He came out drunk to the door, and immediately started complaining, took a step down one step toward me, and even poked me in the chest. I came within a fraction of a second from pulling a pistol out of my back pocket and shooting him.

  26. Not too exciting, I got a 100% tip from a woman who paid via check (I’m old, this was 35+ years ago). Next day her name was on the list of who we couldn’t take checks from. The check bounced. I got my tip though!

  27. I delivered to a semi-marked dirt road that formed a loop in the woods. All around the loop were authentic gypsy (Roma?) wagons, the brightly colored wooden type you see in the movies. Not sure if the community is still there and am not even sure if I could find it again, but I never expected that scene midway between Baltimore and DC.

  28. Delivered to a house on a dead-end street in a bad part of town around 10pm. Windows were covered in cut out pictures of dolls and horror movie villains. Poorly lit. Walked up to the front door and saw a sign that said “Smile, you’re on camera!”. A tv monitor showing live footage from several rooms in the house as well as the front door could easily be seen through the window. I ended up throwing the food on the ground and ringing the doorbell and running as fast as I could, I was so freaked out.

  29. I remember one night where I delivered pizza to a high school girl in an affluent area. I had a very polite demeanor; it was a job so I tried to treat it like one in how I interacted with the customers. Stiffed, which is no surprise from a high schooler.

    Later that night, one of my work friends (who happened to know that customer through mutual friends) showed me a Twitter post this customer made calling me a “suck up for tips” and saying she hope I enjoyed getting no tip. She called me out by name in this post, which she got from the Dominos app, so I knew she was talking about me.

    I wrote up the most polite and guilt-tripping DM I could think up, apologizing for my service and talking about how I was just a poor sod trying to pay my way through grad school. (I just found the DM, will post if anybody asks) I got a few guilty replies back but this girl being called out as not being very clever was the juiciest petty revenge I have ever tasted. I laughed about it with my boss, who was a solid guy. I wouldn’t go back and work there again, but it was a great college job.

  30. Mine isn’t a house but a boat.

    Started by driving down an unlight dirt road at night which ends in a field.

    Remembering I’m going to a boat which means harbour which is on the other side of the field, I drive across the field to find the dirt road continues through the woods until I get to the shore.

    But it’s a muddy hill that I’m not sure I will get back up again but I go for it and get to the dock along side the boat. Not sure exactly which one but it was like these.


    They lower a gangway down and next thing I’m climbing a flight of stairs along side a boat looking at the dark water far below.

    Pass off the pizza and manage to make it back to the store.


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